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13 x 17 - Oil

7.5 x 13 - Oil

18 x 18 - Oil

17 x 23 - Oil


In most lines of work we are asked to use our keen minds to find solutions to a myriad of problems. From plumbers to scientists, doctors to mechanics, it really comes down to how well we use our minds that distinguishes success. Because our society is thus driven it seems to make sense that this model would work for artists as well and it does if renumeration is the goal. I would posit that this system is actually a detriment to and the antithesis of great art. Knowing what we like when we ‘see it’ is the axiom for well thought out images that approximate high art but do not necessarily nourish the soul.

Paintings from the mind.

I believe the opposite is true for artists. Knowing what is true because we ‘feel it’ is the axiom of great art and it is our job to quiet the mind so as to allow access to the infinite. How else can we create something that will touch the viewer deeply?

Paintings from the heart.

Steven Lee Adams.png

"In a way I feel I must always be striving for this higher ground so that when beauty (my truth) reveals itself, I am able to be the conduit that gets it to the canvas without my mind or ego getting in the way. Otherwise I am an artisan, crafting beautiful items for the home. As a fine artist, I believe it’s my calling to create something more than a pretty picture for a wall, I am looking for the things that connect us, that connect us deeply with our true home."

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