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"Painter of Peace and Calm"

Steve was born in 1956 in Salt Lake City, Utah and continues to live there in the area with his wife.At the age of ten, Steve began painting in oils with his grandfather, who was also an artist. Two years later, his grandfather bought him his first paint set.

Steve's education in Art ranges from studies at the University of Utah to travels in Russia, Paris and England. While in Russia, he gained a wealth of knowledge from Russian artists and from frequenting museums and art academies. He continues his education through painting and studying with other artists.



Steve can often be found in a rural area or in someone's garden painting "en plein aire" with his good friends, fellow artists. He feels that the sounds, smells and atmosphere play an integral role in the true emotion of each painting.

Steve has been highly involved with the Plein Air Utah Event in Midway every September and now with the newly created "Plein Air Utah Live" virtual event combined with the Sentient Academy.


Steve is currently the President of Plein Air Painters of Utah.


"My intention is not to copy nature, but to capture a peaceful moment with feeling, mood, and simplicity. Thus allowing the viewer to participate more in their own interpretation of the scene. If I give them all the information in the immense detail of a painting, I have robbed the viewer of their integral part of involvement in my work."


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