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Along the River 16x20 oil 2800.00.jpg


Paintings are like a window that can transport you to another place in time. Nothing else inspires me as much as immersing myself in a landscape. When I was in my early twenties, I followed my wanderlust to the raw beauty of the Rocky Mountains and made my home in the historic mining town of Ward, Colorado.


Here I am always motivated by the grace and beauty that I see in the forms of the trees, clouds and harmonious colors in nature. I love the challenge of communicating these things with a few strokes of my brush — not all the details — but the feel of the light and energy of the day.


I find plenty of time in the long winters in the mountains to be in my studio creating larger works from my reference studies.

This is a great time to explore different brushes, tools and colors and have fun trying out different approaches to painting. My every day joy comes from the blessing of doing what I love – creating beautiful paintings that come from my soul.

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